Stay Clean or Pay the Price? Your Choice!



ImageThe usage of steroids is catching up with school and college-going children and even business professionals. Athletes tend to use anabolic steroids in order to improve competitiveness and performance.

According to the steroid use statistics, 22 percent of 8th graders, 33.2 percent of 10th graders, and 46.1 percent of 12th graders have taken steroids. In 2011, 2.5 percent to .6 percent males in 12th grade were more likely report steroid use than females.

Should steroids or any supplement be given to athletes? They shouldn’t. All local stores and programs that distributions performance-enhancing drugs should be banned and keep athletes safe and clean.

Steroids are serious drugs that are addictive and it often leads to withdrawal and depression, which creates a lack of physical drive or social interaction among users. Several athletes have been victimized over this issue. For example, Former wrestler Chris Benoit killed his son and wife on June 2007 due to steroid abuse and brain damage. He was depressed during the time because of his marriage. The use of steroids can be very harmful to any athlete and it happened with Benoit.

Steroids often cause shrinking of testicles, breast growth, hair loss, infertility, and a higher risk of testicular cancer. This is not good especially for males for use it. When it comes to the men’s testicles, anabolic steroids themselves contain the male hormone testosterone. This problem results the amount of testosterone the testes produce naturally becomes suppressed and hence testes start to lose their working. Is it really worth to risk all of this? I don’t think so.

Athletes who take steroids or any illegal supplements insist that steroids will help them boost their competitive and athletic performance. They don’t care if it affects them as long as they reach their goal. The goal of becoming ripped and excel as an athlete. Students who are in High School and College look up to athletes such as Alex Rodriguez, Lance Armstrong and many other professional athletes who have used illegal substances. So they see them and everyone else doing it, so these kids want to use it as well.

Let’s stop selling these illegal substances. First, we must remove all the sites where you can get cheap illegal supplements online. Then, the U.S. government should ban every local store that is associated with supplements or distribute supplements to young athletes that could risk their lives. Provide more healthy food stores for young athletes instead.


Ambition, Success and a Young Leader


Jessica Medina’s successful career encompasses every aspect of communications: reporting, acting, producing, selling, marketing, radio announcing, charity work, advertising, public relations, promoting, and public speaking.

A 30-year old devoted mother of two, born in NYC and of Dominican descent, her many talents within the communications field stem from diverse experiences including bilingual reporter, actress, producer, blog writer, and sales/marketing manager.

Currently, she is the founder and CEO of Loving Curves Collective, which works with independent designers to “reinvent” fashion for curvy women. “Loving Curves Collective is a women empowerment company and soon about to be online store,” says Medina. “We work collectively with independent designers that cater to women who are curvy. It was an idea that came about because I went through a transition of being a petite women to be now a curvy women. So I decided to make a difference”.

Jessica and the Loving Curves Collective team have hosted several events around New York City. “I initiated with a small fashion show which is called ‘Camaradas El Barrio’ not too long ago,” she informed. “It was our first introduction event to the community. After that, we have been part of other people’s productions, but as far as our own productions, we had very successful Fashion Exhibition Mixer at Bryant Park Hotel in midtown Manhattan,” she said. “We also had a very successful fashion show at the SkyRoom in Times Square this year”.

Jessica also writes for Yahoo Voices and is part of the cast and production team of the film November Lies directed by Shannon Lanier, in production in March 2012. She further explains what happened with the film November Lies. “November Lies, Yes, I was casted for that movie,” she stated. “Unfortunately, at the time I was supposed to film with them, go out to Maryland and film with them. I wasn’t able to and the reason I wasn’t able to because I was very caught on with the production of the Loving Curves Collective event. So due to that transition, I had to drop that project”.

On the other hand, Jessica is exciting for another film that’s coming up. “I’m currently working on other project, another feature film, a Spanish film which I’m also part of the production team for this film. Which is great, I’m not only leading actress, but also part of the production team”, she said. “We will start filming this upcoming May”.

In 2010, Jessica Medina has won an award of ‘In Recognition for All Your Achievements and Community Work’. She also won an award by the NYS Hispanic Coalition as one of 2013 NY’s 2013 40 Under 40 Rising Latino Stars. 

Healthy Foods Results Greater Health


Ever since the place Pick & Eat opened up in the corner of 177 and Broadway section of Washington Heights. Everyone around the neighborhood started to go in and buy their food. At first, the place never really caught my attention. Until one day my sister invited me to go with her for some lunch. My sister informed me to try an order called “Grilled Chicken Panini” with whole wheat bread. Every since that day, I became very astonished about this place.

What I mostly love about Pick & Eat is that 85% of their food is healthy. I take those things very seriously because I love eating healthy and your health certainly comes from how to take care of yourself with the things you eat. When you eat clean, you will live a longer life. I also admire this place because the people that work there treat you with respect and are very humble. You don’t usually see that in every eating place, but this staff see their job as to help customers to provide better food for their health. Every time I go to Pick & Eat, I always order Grilled Chicken Panini.