Healthy Foods Results Greater Health


Ever since the place Pick & Eat opened up in the corner of 177 and Broadway section of Washington Heights. Everyone around the neighborhood started to go in and buy their food. At first, the place never really caught my attention. Until one day my sister invited me to go with her for some lunch. My sister informed me to try an order called “Grilled Chicken Panini” with whole wheat bread. Every since that day, I became very astonished about this place.

What I mostly love about Pick & Eat is that 85% of their food is healthy. I take those things very seriously because I love eating healthy and your health certainly comes from how to take care of yourself with the things you eat. When you eat clean, you will live a longer life. I also admire this place because the people that work there treat you with respect and are very humble. You don’t usually see that in every eating place, but this staff see their job as to help customers to provide better food for their health. Every time I go to Pick & Eat, I always order Grilled Chicken Panini.



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