Kareem Abdul-Jabbar Discusses His New Book ‘Mycroft Holmes’

Former NBA Legend, Hall of Famer, a person whom many consider the greatest basketball player of all time, Kareem Abdul-Jabbar, made a guest appearance to discuss about his new book called ‘Mycroft Holmes’.

A book written by Kareem Abdul-Jabbar and screenwriter Anna Waterhouse, Mycroft Holmes reveals the untold story of Sherlock’s older brother. This harrowing adventure changed his life, and set the stage for the man Mycroft would become: founder of the famous Diogenes Club and the hidden power behind the British government.

Deborah Morales, the founder and Chief Executive Officer of Iconomy, LLC, has known Kareem for over 20 years and they traveled around the world. Morales has been his business partner and producing partner for 11 of those 20 years. Morales also directed & produced Kareem’s highly acclaimed and internationally distributed film “On Shoulders of Giants,” which won the 2013 NAACP Image Award for best documentary.

She sat down to discuss with Kareem about what inspired him to write the book. Kareem was inspired to write the book because he felt Mycroft was a very interesting character in the Sherlock Holmes’ stories. “I was inspired to try to do Mycroft Holmes because I felt that Mycroft was a very interesting character in the Sherlock Holmes stories”, Abdul-Jabbar said. “Sherlock says about his older brother, Mycroft, that he “very superior of intelligence”. His deducted powers are at least the equal of Sherlock’s and he worked for the british government and sometimes he is the british government.”

Kareem would go into more detail about Mycroft’s experience running the government in great britain. “Later in the 19th century, where the story takes place, great britain was a world superpower,” he stated. “So, at that time, Sherlock’s brother was running the government from time to time. This left a whole area, huge area for us to explore and define because nobody knows how he got to that point. So basically what I did was to write Mycroft Holmes’ backstory. It deals with an area that hasn’t been covered by Arthur Conan Doyle and it gave me and my co-writer a really big area to cover and deal with.” Arthur Conan Doyle was a british writer and most noted for his stories about Sherlock Holmes.

This is Kareem’s first fiction book he ever written.

He knew his love for writing began in 5th grade, when his teacher chose his story as one of the best three stories from the classroom. However, Kareem began a career in the NBA first playing for two teams: Milwaukee Bucks and Los Angeles Lakers. He played for 20 illustrious years and is the NBA’s all-time leading scorer, has won 6 NBA titles, and is in the Basketball Hall of Fame. Since his retirement, he returned and followed his path of writing and publishing books. He has written 11 books throughout his career, such as about his career in the NBA and many more.

During his discussion with Morales, he mentioned that Muhammad Ali is the reason why he became interested in Malcolm X. They remain friends.

With the help of Morales, the production is completed for Kareem’s  HBO documentary, “Kareem: Minority of One”.


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