My Favorite Sneakers I Once Had

Sneakers are one of my weaknesses. I can’t live without them. As much as I love sneakers, I never had to make a line to buy them. I’m lucky, I guess, haha. Today’s post, I’m going to discuss three of my favorite sneakers that I once owned: Air Max2 CB 94, Air Jordan 10 Retro Red Steel, and Air Jordan 7 Retro “Flint.”

Air Max2 CB 94

I would need to start at the top with the Barkleys. My favorite sneaker of all time. Black and Red Air Max2 CB94. I love the color combination of black and red, and I love the design and texture of the sneakers. I had these sneakers for four years of my life, from 7th grade to the end of my Sophomore year in High School. I miss wearing these sneakers, but I’ll rebuy them in the future. For my 14th birthday party, I remember one of my sister’s friends, gave me a Miami Heat jersey as a present. I wish it were a Dywane Wade jersey, but it was Shaq. The jersey was a size 2X. At that time, it was the baggy clothes era. But anyway, now that I had this jersey, I would wear it with the Barkleys. My cousin Oniel and my sister Melissa also had black and red Barkley’s. I also used to play basketball with these sneakers back then. If it were today, I would not have used it to play any sport. I would take care of it like if it were my child, haha.

Air Jordan 10 Retro “Red Steel”

My second favorite sneaker that I once had are the white and red 10’s. The sneakers were mostly white and red, but they also had a little bit of grey. I remember this came out in September 2005. It was the beginning of my 8th-grade year. My final year in Junior High School before going to High School. The Jordans were a big part of 8th grade. If I remember correctly, the release date was Sep 10th. It was a Saturday. My sister Melissa and I walked all over Washington Heights to find my size. Thankfully, I did. Like I mentioned already, I NEVER had to make a line to buy sneakers, especially Jordans. When I purchased the 10s, I bought a matching hat with it. This has always been my style. Buy the sneakers, then buy a hat. I bought a white and red Houston Rockets hat. I also ended up buying a red and white Mitchell & Ness hat. Anytime I wore the 10s, I felt like one of the coolest kids in school. One of my plans back then that I didn’t get to do was buy a Houston Rockets jersey. I thought about getting the Tracy McGrady (T-Mac) jersey because he played with the Rockets at that time. Unfortunately, that didn’t happen. But I sure had a lot of great memories with these sneakers. I wore this for a couple of years as well.

Air Jordan 7 Retro “Flint”

The third favorite sneaker I once had is the white, grey, and purple 7s. Like the 10s, I remember the exact date when I bought, and when it came out, Saturday, April 22, 2006. It was a cloudy day. Once again, my sister and I went all over the place to find this sneaker. However, two Air Jordan 7s were released that day. The Retro “Flint” and the Cardinal. The Cardinal sneaker was mostly white with black, red, and a little bit of gold.


We were very close in buying the cardinal, but both of us found sizes for the white, grey, and purple sneakers. The rest is history. During my Freshmen year in High School, I would wear this Jordans often. This would be the last pair of Jordans I would buy. I haven’t bought Jordans in 14 years. Will I make a comeback? Never say never. Only God knows. 

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