No Agreement, More Problems

The drama between Major League Baseball and the Players Association continues. Commissioner Rob Manfred has rejected the Players Association 70-game season request.

The Association does not want to play more than 60 games because of the fear of COVID-19. The virus is still spreading. The players remain committed to getting back to work as soon as possible, but they want a schedule with fewer games.

The league on Wednesday had proposed a 60-game schedule, which players said was too short.

As a fan, this is very distasteful. I hate to say this, but both sides of the party are selfish and greedy. This needs to be over already. These players are making millions of dollars and still find a way to complain. Manfred and the players association need to come up with a solution. Also, more athletes are getting infected, such as Clemson players from College Football. Things like this can stop Major League Baseball from starting in July.

What I fear is that this disagreement can cause a lockout sometime next season. I’m already expecting or sensing that from the NBA. I miss Sports. More importantly, Sports won’t be the same without fans.


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