Quien Manda? (Who’s the Boss?)

Today’s article features a romantic comedy film from the Dominican Republic called Quien Manda? Which means “Who’s the Boss?” in English. This film is one of my favorite rom-com films from the Dominican Republic. Nashla Bogaert and Frank Perozo are the stars in the movie.

Perozo is a playboy that will conquer women and leave them at the end of three months of a relationship. When Perozo’s character meets Bogaert’s character, who is challenging, he began to fall for her. The story is good. Aside from Perozo and Bogaert, the rest of the cast was solid. I like the two actors who play Perozo’s friend. I also like the two supporting female actors who portray as Bogaerts’ friends. I was happy to see legendary Dominican comedian, Cuquín, in the movie. His scenes in the film were gold—one of his funniest roles for sure.

We could’ve seen a little more stuff in the movie that I felt it was necessary. For example, I wanted the director to emphasize or elaborate more on Perozo’s first girlfriend. I think that one scene about that could’ve made the story even better. 

I believe this is the film where Nashla put the stamp as a talented actress from the country. She’s the Dominican sweetheart. In Hollywood, Jennifer Lawrence is an American sweetheart. For those who don’t know what I mean, a sweetheart in the industry is someone who has the looks, great actors, the chosen one, the preferred one. Nashla brings all of those tools in the film industry in the Dominican Republic.

Aside from acting, Frank Perozo is also a talented director. In the film Quien Manda?, both Nashla and Frank were phenomenal. They have great on-screen chemistry, and they went on to collaborate on several future projects. There was one scene in particular that made me respect the hell out of Frank’s acting ability. I won’t say much because it’s a movie that you have to see for yourself.  

Dominican films have come a long way. Watch Quien Manda? It’s on YouTube. You won’t regret it. 

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