End of the Summer

We have reached the end of the Summer. I’m extremely saddened. Every time we get to this point, it means to start taking out your sweaters, jackets, and later coats.

I’m from New York. We only have great weather for a short amount of time. When Winter hits New York, you want to stay inside. It’s freezing in the wintertime or, as we New Yorkers from the hood like to say, “brick.” It’s a brick city, haha.

I don’t have a problem wearing sweaters and jackets. The fall season is fine, but it’s a step closer to Winter. I don’t understand people who love Winter. I hate that at 4 pm it is dark outside. I hate wearing so many layers on top of me. I hate that I get sick because of the change in weather. The most significant upside about Winter is the holidays and the fact that I don’t have to spend too much money.

This Summer was utterly different than any other Summer. Why? Because of the pandemic. Unfortunately, I couldn’t travel. It was too risky. The month of July was dull. I didn’t do anything fun or exciting. However, the month of August was solid. I went to Atlantic City with my cousin, went to several tourist attractions in New York City, and I spend more time checking out new places in New Jersey. Not too bad for the second half of the Summer. Oh yeah! I also created a YouTube Channel. I’m using my new YouTube Channel to upload content such as traveling, food experience, unique attractions, movies, sports, etc. It’s a versatile channel.

This is me in Atlantic City.

I hope that next year’s Summer will be better than this year. It’s been a very trying year, but the important is to be alive and healthy. I will remain to continue to do that significantly since the seasons are changing.

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