‘Manny’s New Year’s Eve’ Receives Second Festival Selection

My comedy short film Manny’s New Year’s Eve got selected once again. I want to thank Vesuvius International Monthly Film Fest. It’s our second festival selection and we are beyond thrilled.

It was directed, produced, written, shot, edited, and starred by yours truly. My story in making this project happened so suddenly and unexpected.

On New Year’s Eve, I knew I wasn’t going to do nothing. The COVID-19 is still active and the following day is the anniversary of my grandmother’s death. Ever since her death, my family and I barely celebrate New Year’s anymore. There is something I needed to do because I felt so bored. An idea came up and I decided to make a very short film about New Year’s Eve.

Behind the Scenes: Yours truly dancing on set

At first, I thought about doing the short film with my best friend, but things were going to be very difficult and hard to pull off. So I made it all by myself. I came up with the outline of the story. A man who is struggling with boredom tries to make the best out of New Year’s Eve. The film received positive feedback. Manny’s New Year’s Eve premiered on my Instagram and YouTube on New Year’s Day.

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