Miguel’s Friday Thoughts

Hello everyone! Welcome to the one and only Miguel’s Friday Thoughts. Here, I have to say about the modern-day NBA All-Star Game and gyms, allowing gym members to work out for just one hour.

The NBA All-Star Game used to be so exciting to watch in the early 2000s. Those games didn’t feel like exhibition games because they would battle until the very end. The 2001 NBA All-Star Game is my favorite one, and it ended in a nail-biting finish. Nets guard Stephon Marbury hit some clutch shots down the stretch to help the East win the All-Star Game. What’s also great about the All-Star game back then is that it aired on NBC. NBA on NBC had the best NBA coverage, and ESPN still and won’t surpass them. My most significant issue with today’s All-Star Game is that we have a captain now. Players from each conference get to pick who they want on their team. I’m not too crazy about that. Everyone gives him each basket, and I guess that they don’t want to get injured.

I attend Blink Fitness. My experiences with Blink Fitness have been nothing short but remarkable. On this particular week, I noticed that gym staff members are walking around the gym to see who passed their one-hour workout. I feel this is the right thing to do because many people hog up the machines and spend too much time in the gym. If you make a reservation at 12pm, then you should leave the gym by 1pm. As a person who once worked in the gym and worked out for the last ten years, I completely understand it. You need to follow COVID protocol.

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