Kevin Heredia Wins Best Cinematography

Cinematographer Kevin Heredia wins Best Cinematography for the February 2021 competition at the Virgin Spring Cinefest.

This is an incredible honor for Kevin. I met Kevin when we had Health class in High School during my junior year. He always seemed like a cool and humble cat. I never sensed any bad vibes from him. When I needed a cinematographer for ‘A Sorrowful Birthday,’ he reached out to me. I was surprised. I was aware that he didn’t have much experience, but I wanted to give him a chance.

There were challenges on set with angles and shots. We were able to overcome those challenges and got everything we needed. When I started editing this, I instantly knew that this movie would be fantastic, and I knew from a visual standpoint that Kevin came through big time. To have two men born and raised in Washington Heights working together in films and having success with film festivals is a tremendous accomplishment.

I always say that you have to celebrate all of your wins. Don’t matter whether it’s small or big. Your successes build momentum.

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