BETs Top 25 Countdown

In the 2000s on Saturday’s from 2pm-5pm, BETs Top 25 Countdown is a show that Hip Hop fans used to watch. Those were the Golden years of BET. This show had several hosts such as B2K, Janet Jackson, Ginuwine, Eminem, Nas, DMX, and the list goes on. These artists would mention their Top 25 favorite videos. I discovered some old school songs because of that show, and I still listen to those songs to this day. For example, the song “Juicy” from The Notorious B.I.G., “Check The Rhyme” by A Tribe Called Quest.

The show is no longer airing on BET. However, today, I decided to watch several of my favorite old school videos on YouTube from 3pm-5pm. It felt good to bring back some of those memories, but in my own way.

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