Johnny Ventura Dies at 81

Dominican Merengue legend Johnny Ventura, as known as “El Caballo Mayor,” has passed away today at the age of 81.

His death caused a major sadness for the entire Dominican community. His career spans over 50 years. I feel sad because I listened to this man’s music for my entire life, especially during the holidays. Listening to Johnny Ventura’s music for this year’s holiday will hit harder and will feel different. The legacy and impact he left is unparalleled. He worked with so many artist such as Milly Quezada, Sergio Vargas, Anthony Rios, and the list goes on.

Johnny left this world by singing and dancing. He always had joy for his music. Johnny lived a long life. Not everyone can have the chance to live all the way to their 80s. He accomplished everything he set out to accomplish with his life: music, politics, family (becoming a father and grandfather).

We all have an expiration date in life. This is why is so important to accomplish everything you want to accomplish in life. Always strive for success but with class and dignity.

Rest In Peace, Johnny Ventura! Que dios lo tenga en su gloria. His music will never die.

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