Mike Anderson and Red Storm

St John’s head coach Mike Anderson is planning to lead the Red Storm into the right direction. Before making plans to March Madness, Anderson will need the team to built chemistry and play smart Red Storm basketball.

Red Storm players would need to stay healthy and basically become a team that others can fear of. We want to see the Red Storm become a legit team again.

“We just got to become a team. That’s the most important thing,” Anderson told New York Post.

Anderson has an uptempo style in his system and he believes that the group of players he has now, fits with his system. There are six players who are 6-foot-8 or taller in the roster. According to The Post, Anderson wants to see improvement in one area: defense.

Red Storm ranked 112th last year in defensive efficiency. Red Storm will start their season on Nov. 9th at home against Mississippi Vallet State.

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