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It was one of the most surprising series that many of us did not see coming: Natti Natasha’s “Everybody Loves Natti” Amazon Prime TV program series. The show is about Natti and her opening up about family, relationships, and what it takes to stay on top of the explosive Latin music scene, all while navigating new friendships and a new city.

Natasha shares never-before-told stories about her relationship with her manager, Raphy Pina. It’s a risky move to date your manager or boss in the same industry, but in this series, it seems like Raphy and Natti have a true love story going on and seem to care about each other and respect each other.

Natti didn’t hold back when she brought up the rumors surrounding her dating life. “If I collaborate with someone, I’m automatically linked to them. I have like 20 boyfriends at this point, but I’m with Raphy Pina,” she explains. Natti had been very secretive throughout her life, but she lays out everything in this series. Natti and Raphy kept their relationship as quiet as they could until the time was right to reveal it to the world.

Natti wants to be a crossover artist. She plans to become a global star and make music in English. Natti speaks both languages (English and Spanish) very fluently. She can pull this off.

It’s nice to learn how close Natti is with her older sister Virginia. They always Facetime each other and tell each other everything. It’s always amazing and beautiful to see siblings get along so well. Virginia always tried to give her the best advice. It even praised Raphy in certain situations, like planning the surprise birthday party for Natti, which he took the opportunity to propose to Natti in front of the whole family. Raphy showed how creative and intelligent he is as a businessman and as a fiancee in this series.

One of the most moving moments of the series is when Raphy wanted his daughter to be born in the Dominican Republic because his dad was born over there, and he died on May 28, 2000, and around the same time, Raphy and Natti’s daughter was going to be born. Therefore, he wanted to pay tribute to his father by doing that. However, their plans went down the drain after Raphy got the news that he couldn’t travel because of the possibility of him going to jail for his past troubles.

We certainly can’t wait for Season two because we need more information on what will happen to Raphy. Did he serve time in jail, or will he remain innocent?

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