Miguel’s Friday Thoughts

Welcome to Miguel’s Friday Thoughts! I have two storylines that have interested me in talking about it on this blog post. MLB Network has cut ties with journalist Ken Rosenthal, Markieff Morris took a jab on Twitter to Nikola Jokic.

MLB Network has cut ties with Ken Rosenthal after his criticism of MLB commissioner Rob Manfred about his handling of the 2020 season. MLB Network lost one of the best journalists in the game. I’m a fan of his reporting skills and never afraid to speak his mind. My favorite moment of Ken Rosenthal is when he interviewed Houston Astros shortstop Carlos Correa about the 2017 cheating scandal. Rosenthal kept correcting Correa about the reports regarding cheating in 2017 and 2018. If you look at the interview, Correa seemed like he tried to keep digging himself out of the hole.

Rosenthal spent more than 12 years working for MLB Network. He remains with Fox Sports, covering weekly games and a dugout reporter.

The feud between Markieff Morris and Nikola Jokic continues. Miami Heat power forward Markieff Morris took a jab at Nikola Jokic on Twitter, calling him “fat” because Morris took a hard contact Jokic made from behind on November 8th.

Morris has missed 30 straight games since the incident. The bad blood between both players reached new heights when their brothers got involved, exchanging pleasantries through social media.

Denver Nuggets and Miami Heat won’t be facing each other again this season. We might have to wait until next season if this drama continues between both players.

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