Sunday Sports Shorts

Happy Sunday! I hope every one of you had a terrific Saturday. It was a gorgeous day in New York City, but I stayed home. Why? Too many good events in one day. Two Final Four games and Wrestlemania 38.

The first Final Four game was Villanova vs. Kansas. The Jayhawks had an explosive showing from the 3-point line, shooting 13-of-24, making seven in the first half. Ochai Agbaji went 6-for-7 from deep, finishing with 21 points. David McCormack posted a game-high 25 points and nine rebounds. Jayhawks completed their revenge against the Wildcats after blowing out the Jayhawks in the 2018 Final Four.

North Carolina and Duke are one of the greatest rivalries in sports history. It’s still surreal that it’s the first time both teams meet at the Final Four. The game lived up to my expectations. No blowout. A very hard-fought game between both teams. In the end, the Tar Heels prevailed. They are going to the National Championship game. Coach K is one of the best to do it. We will forever be indebted to him and his success and memories. Head Coach Hubert Davis answered the bell. Roy Williams and Dean Smith are/would be proud of him. Coach Davis teared up after the game. During the interview, he talked about how proud he was of his team and its perseverance, toughness, and resiliency. Hubert Davis is now one win from becoming the first coach to win the NCAA championship in his first full year at the helm. Steve Fisher went 6-0 as an interim at Michigan in 1989.

Let’s talk a bit about Wrestlemania 38: Part 1. It’s the first time there’s a two-part Wrestlemania. I’m not too fond of it. It’s a silly idea, but it’s still Wrestlemania. Kevin Owens vs. Stone Cold Steve Austin in a No Holds Barred match was the main event of last night’s Wrestlemania. Austin hasn’t performed since Wrestlemania 19 in 2003. Austin entered and received one of the loudest pops you will ever hear after Owens continued to talk smack about him and Texas on The KO Show. Austin and Owens brawled in and around the ring before heading through the crowd, taking advantage of the lack of rules and a physically limited Austin. The final payoff was good, with Austin putting Owens down for good with a surprise before celebrating what is likely his “last” match ever in front of his fellow Texans.

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