Miguel’s Friday Thoughts

The Minnesota Timberwolves were a disappointment last night. I couldn’t believe what I was seeing. They led as many as 26 points over the Memphis Grizzlies. Memphis Grizzlies went on two runs. They finished the game on a 50-16 run to win Game 3. If I were Alex Rodriguez, co-owner of the Timberwolves, I would be agitated and address the team. Poor shooting performance and lousy coaching on the Timberwolves. The team collapsed.

On the other hand, give credit where credit is due. Desmond Bane had himself a terrific game. Grizzlies never game up, and they are growing fast.

USFL is back. Last weekend was pretty solid. I’m impressed with what I’m seeing so far from the USFL. I hope they can succeed because it would be great to have football in the spring season. When I think of the USFL, I think about their time during the 1980s. Also, some of their camera angles remind me of the XFL.

Miguel Cabrera is one hit away from reaching 3,000 hits. He had one more chance to do it in yesterday’s game against the New York Yankees, but it was very cowardly on Aaron Boone’s part to intentionally walk him. The crowd booe

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