The Unfair Criticism

Josh Donaldson said he was hurt after his New York Yankees teammates didn’t back him up following his “Jackie Robinson” comments directed at Chicago White Sox star Tim Anderson.

Donaldson was suspended for one game last month after he admitted to calling Anderson, who is Black, “Jackie” during a game. That prompted the benches to clear during that game, and White Sox manager Tony La Russa said after the game that Donaldson made “a racist comment.” Tony, you disappointed me.

Donaldson’s comments drew plenty of criticism, including from Yankees manager Aaron Boone and teammate Aaron Judge. Ridiculous.

It was a harmful comment. There was no “racist” comment whatsoever. People are way too sensitive and fragile in today’s world. Tim Anderson called himself the “new Jackie Robinson” back in 2019 without even knowing what he was comparing himself to because Tim Anderson didn’t go through what Jackie went through. The suspension was stupid, and everyone who thinks that Donaldson was wrong is politically correct and a liberal. What Donaldson is feeling is understandable, and I’m with him. 

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