Miguel’s Friday Thoughts

It’s time for Miguel’s Friday Thoughts. We have two topics for you today: Irv Gotti faces backlash after his interview on Drink Champs, and Neve Campbell opens up about why she didn’t return to the ‘Scream’ franchise. 

Hip Hop mogul Irv Gotti made some headlines after his interview on Drink Champs, accompanied by rapper Ja Rule. Fat Joe called Gotti a sucker for going after Ashanti during the discussion on Drink Champs. Joe also called out Ja Rule for not defending Ashanti. Ja Rule and Fat Joe are very good friends with Ashanti. Joe is coming to Ashanti’a aid. Ja Rule responded and said that he told Gotti to stop using the word “bitch” because Gotti referred to Ashanti during the interview. I agree with Ja Rule on this one. I saw that part during the interview. 

Irv Gotti also responded to Fat Joe’s comments. He said that he thought Fat Joe was his friend. Fat Joe IS his friend. Why? Friends tell you the truth no matter what. I applaud Joe for standing up for Ashanti. Some people would think that Joe should’ve done this behind closed doors, but Gotti was badmouthing Ashanti in public through the masses. Irv Gotti was disrespectful. Why would you continue to bring something up that happened twenty years ago? Gotti is a legend in hip hop. He’s a magnificent producer. He signed big names like Jay-Z, DMX, Ja Rule, etc. Byt the issue with him is that he’s too loud and way too honest to the point it can get him in trouble. Also, he overuses the N-word a lot, which is cringe-worthy. Don’t ruin your legacy over silly and petty things. 

As for Fat Joe and Irv Gotti, they should talk things out privately and work it out. They’ve been friends for so long, and Gotti shouldn’t get too sentimental over constructive criticism from his friend. 

Actress Neve Campbell opened up about her exit from ‘The scream’ franchise. She felt she didn’t get paid for what she put her heart and soul into the franchise for 25 years. She felt undervalued. There are mixed feelings about this.

In one way, the studio should’ve given her the amount of money she wanted. She IS the franchise at this point. On the other hand, you can’t be greedy. Regular people are struggling for $700.00 a week just to get by. It’s better to land different roles than stick to the same materials or character. The franchise wasn’t the same after director Wes Craven passed away. So we can’t expect anything significant going forward. 

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