The Game-Eminem Silly Drama

Rapper The Game can’t seem to get Eminem off his mind. It’s getting ridiculous, and it’s no fun saying that because we love Game and what he has accomplished in Hip Hop. Now, we have other people getting involved. It’s Eminem’s daughter who decided to speak out against The Game. 

Hailie Jade, the daughter of Eminem, came to her father’s defense on Twitter, Friday night after The Game released a diss track aimed at the legendary rapper titled “The Black Slim Shady.” In a pair of posts, Jade labeled The Game, “obsessed.”

“If you have to make a song 10mins long about someone you ‘dislike,’ it’s giving obsessed,” Jade wrote in a tweet before adding, “My dad is so legendary that people have to diss him in their songs just to attract an audience because they know they would flunk without the attention.”

There’s something that needs to be said, whether we like hearing it. Still, we need to stop saying “white man this, white man that” because if a white man answers anything in return for an African American, it will turn into significant chaos. It’s a double standard. 

Music beef is overrated, and it’s not worth it. 

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