Could Aaron Judge Hit 62 Home Runs and Be Treated As the New Single-Season Home Run Record?

Aaron Judge is having the best season of his career. If you were to ask me coming into this season that Aaron Judge would reach 60 home runs, I would’ve not believed it. But he has a chance to get 60 or tie Roger Maris’s 61 home runs or maybe surpass him with 62. Could Aaron Judge hit 62 home runs and be treated as the new single-season home run record?

Fair or not fair, Barry Binds still has the record with 73 when he did this back in 2001. I was ten years old, and I remember it like it was yesterday. What’s exciting about Judges’ season is that he could have the most home runs in a single season as a member of the Yankees. To me, that’s more impressive than trying to prove to everyone that he’s the new single-season home run king. I think it’s good enough to have the record as a member of the Yankees. 

Is he putting up these incredible numbers to show the Yankee front office he’s worth the contract? I love Aaron Judge, but a big part of me believes that he’s highly motivated to do whatever it takes to make them give him a big contract. Many athletes in sports tend to do this. They wait till their contract year to have a fantastic season to get a nice big contract. When in reality, you should’ve performed that way from the start. Yankees’ front office did this to themselves. Why? They should’ve given him the extension after the 2017 season. Judge is going to be 30 later this year. 

It’s Aaron Judges’ best season since 2017. The numbers and records are great, but October Baseball counts more. Can he lift his team to victory? It’s a title or bust for the Yankees. His numbers are a feel-good story, but he needs to win. Yankees are currently in first place in the AL East division. 

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