J.T. Miller is Staying in Vancouver for Seven-year, $56 Million Contract

Left winger and alternative captain J.T. Miller signed a seven-year, $56 million contract with the Vancouver Canucks. A signing that could be a hit or miss for the Canucks. Only time would time if the contract were worth it. Miller, 29, is coming off an impressive season with the Canucks.

Through 80 games, he scored a career-high 99 points (32 goals, 67 assists). If he can continue to put up anywhere between 80-95 points, then the Canucks front office did the right thing to give him the contract. Don’t get me wrong, he’s a great player and is in his prime, but I’m curious to see if he can continue to produce and stay consistent as he’s entering his 30s. His contract will be up by the age of 36. 

Miller will be entering his fourth year with the Canucks. The New York Rangers drafted Miller as the first-round pick, 15th overall in the 2011’NHL Draft. He spent his first six seasons in New York. 

Canucks still don’t have a Stanley Cup title in their organization. They are one of the two oldest teams (Buffalo Sabres) not to have a title yet. The Canucks made the Stanley Cup Finals in 2011, which they lost to the Boston Bruins. Also, they haven’t won the Northwest Division since 2013. We hope that Miller can help bring Vancouver championships in the future. The front office must continue to do their work and put more pieces around them. 

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