Can Aaron Rodgers Go for the 3-peat?!

Aaron Rodgers is one of the greatest quarterbacks of all time (from a regular season standpoint). He’s the most talented quarterback I have ever seen with my own eyes. I’ve been watching football for 23 years, and no quarterback has made me feel as impressed as Aaron Rodgers. He can throw, he can run, he has excellent football IQ, and he can read the defense. He has the whole package. Can Aaron Rodgers go for the 3-peat?!

It’s not the 3-peat that you think I’m talking about. Not in championships, but regular season MVPs. It’s highly positive that he can go for the 3-peat. The last quarterback to accomplish this was another former Green Bay Packer, and his name is Brett Favre (1995-1997). Before Aaron Rodgers took over in 2008, Brett Favre was the king in Green Bay. The similarity between both men is that they were very protective about their jobs, and they both only won one Super Bowl. These men should’ve had more than one Super Bowl on their resumes.

I love Rodgers, but I want him to earn his second Super Bowl than win another MVP trophy. He’s disappointed me the past two seasons with his postseason performances. He lost to the Tampa Bay Buccaneers, which I give the Bucs a lot of credit because of their tenacious defense. But last year, it was worst because he lost to the San Francisco 49ers in the divisional round game, and the Packers finished with just 10 points. 

Rodgers needs to win another ring because he’s that good of a quarterback. I hate seeing great quarterbacks not winning a title or not winning more than one title. Yes, winning is hard, but come one. Look at Tom Brady, Terry Bradshaw, and Joe Montana for crying out loud. 

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