GGG/Canelo 3: The Trilogy Preview

The trilogy is finally here! GGG (42-1-1, 37 KOs) and Canelo (57-2-2, 39 KOs) will settle the score once and for all tonight in their third fight. It’s arguably the best boxing rivalry in the game right now. Both men want to win this third fight. Both men don’t like each other. The fight could be the end of their rivalry. It all depends on how the fight ends and how the judges will score the fight.

Golovkin is one of the best middleweight fighters of his generation. He’s a lethal and adamant boxer to defeat. It’s hard to believe that he’s 40 years old. It feels that he’s ten years younger. Although Alvarez is the favorite to win this fight, Golovkin will have something to say. It still doesn’t sit well with many boxing fans about the first fight. Golovkin won the first fight, but one judge ruined it, and the fight ended in a draw. 

In the second fight, Canelo did perform better and was a bit more aggressive, but I still felt that Golovkin gave him a boxing lesson in the second fight. The judges gave Canelo the second fight, handing Golovkin his first professional boxing loss. 

Alvarez and Golovkin will be fighting for the super middleweight division. Canelo’s motivation is to end Golovkin’s career to the point where he wants to put him in retirement. Golovkin doesn’t have any plans to retire anytime soon. I hope he is right. 

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