Dave Chappelle’s SNL Monologue

Dave Chappelle is the GOAT! He will say whatever he feels on stage, and he won’t let anyone dictate to him. He’s his own man. Chappelle appeared on Saturday Night Live, and his monologue is something many people are talking about. He’s currently trending, and as always people are pissed off at him because many feel that his monologue was anti-Semitic. 

New York Times wrote an article claiming that Dave Chappelle was mocking Kanye West and Kyrie Irving, which is false. I didn’t get that impression from him at all. His monologue wasn’t anti-Semitic at all. I love, respect, and admire the Jewish community. They inspire me in so many ways, but this is not anti-Semitic. So this is being blown out of proportion. Saturday Night Live is not funny anymore. It’s too predictable and too woke, but they’re lucky that Chappelle gave them something to talk about and brought the show up in ratings. 

Chappelle doesn’t care about cancel culture. We shouldn’t care about cancel culture and the woke mafia. We need to speak the truth no matter how uncomfortable it gets. Free Speech Rules! 

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