Jason David Frank (Tommy): My Childhood Hero

Being a 90s kid is one of the most fulfilling moments of my life. There were so many great things that I’m grateful for during my childhood years. One of the best things about my childhood was growing up watching the Power Rangers. Jason David Frank, who portrayed the character of Tommy, was my favorite ranger and my childhood hero. He was almost every 90s boy’s favorite childhood hero. I loved watching the Tommy characters in Mighty Morphin Power Rangers, Power Rangers: Zeo, and Power Rangers: Turbo. It’s surreal and heartbreaking to discover that Jason David Frank died of suicide. He was 49.

It pissed me off to hear another celebrity or human being take his life away. According to what I’ve read, supposedly, he was getting divorced from his wife, and they got Into a heated argument. Whatever happened behind closed doors drove him to take his own life away. Could it be that he took his life away, or it was a murder, and it made it seem like it was him all along? We don’t know the full details or truth behind this tragedy. We never know what a human being is going through. 

Depression is serious. There are many different levels of depression. I firmly believe that if a person has god in their heart, believes in god, and read the Bible, they would not go to extreme measures and take their own life away. I’ve faced depression before. It’s not easy. I’m happy now than ever because I have god in my heart. Like Cece Winans said, “I’ve got Jesus. So I’ve got joy.” Once you accept god in your life, you don’t fear anything, and you become a much better human being. You have peace within yourself.

As for Jason David Frank, I will forever be indebted to him for giving us incredible memories as a ranger. He reunites with Thuy Trang (yellow ranger) and goes into battle as they did in the Mighty Morphin Power Rangers series. Sadly, he won’t be around for the 30th anniversary next year. I’m going to create content for one video or a mini-series paying homage to the show and discuss some of the best episodes of the show. Therefore, I’m looking forward to collaborating with my fellow show fans. 

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