Miguel’s Friday Thoughts: Lacey Chabert’s ‘Haul Out The Holly’

Welcome to Miguel’s Friday Thoughts! Happy Friday! I hope you all enjoyed your Thanksgiving with your loved ones. We are blessed in so many ways. Not many people today can be at home for the holidays, and many families are grieving because of deaths that are occurring lately. On a happy note, the Christmas season is here, and Hallmark is the best network to catch some Christmas movies nonstop. 

Lacey Chabert, the Queen of Hallmark Christmas movies, doesn’t stop working and will continue to amaze us with her performance. Chabert is starring in a new Hallmark movie, Haul Out the Holly, which premieres on Saturday at 8 pm. 

Chabert is one of the biggest reasons why I watch Hallmark Christmas movies. She’s a talented actress and a great asset to the network. Hollywood tried to typecast her, but she’s better off working for Hallmark. The leading role suits her perfectly in any Hallmark Christmas movie.

I’m looking forward to seeing this new movie. Here’s the poster from Hallmark.

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