Sports Throwback Thursday: The Butt Fumble

It may be Friday, but I can’t forget to write about Sports Throwback Thursday. We will take it back to Thanksgiving 2012 in the AFC East matchup between the anew England Patriots vs. New York Jets. Why is this game memorable in my eyes? Because of an embarrassing moment that no athlete wants to be remembered for unless they have high self-esteem or have a “forget it” attitude. The game is known as the “butt fumble” game. Jets quarterback Mark Sanchez will forever be known as the guy who committed the butt fumble.

I remember being in my sister’s house when my best friend told me about this. I wasn’t watching the game at the moment, but his reaction through text message made me want to check out the highlights. I couldn’t believe what I saw and had to laugh about it. 

Many NFL players around the league did not realize the fumble was funny until they saw the replays on television at home. The infamous “butt fumble” made it to Sportscenter’s Top 10 of worst of the worst. This game was the beginning of the end for Mark Sanchez. It was an embarrassing game for the Jets. They were awful. The Patriots blew them out 48-15. 

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