Tyler Perry’s Amazon Deal, Cocaine Bear Movie, Jay Leno’s Comeback

Tyler Perry doesn’t stop working. I admire the man’s hustle and determination. I’m not crazy about the movies and shows he produces, but he doesn’t wait for anyone to give him the green light. It’s a great day to be Tyler Perry. He is getting into business with Amazon, setting up a four-movie deal. Perry will write, direct and produce four features released on Prime Video.

Cocaine Bear is a new film set to release on February 2023. It’s Elizabeth Banks’ third directing movie. The story is based on actual events about a drug runner whose plane crashes with a load of cocaine that’s found by a black bear who eats it. The film stars Keri Russell and O’Shea Jackson Jr, and it’s the last film of Ray Liotta before he passed away. 

Jay Leno is back to doing standup comedy. It’s a remarkable comeback after suffering burns when a fire broke out in his Burbank garage.

Leno got discharged from the hospital about a week ago. He underwent surgery for burns on his face, chest, and hands and continues to receive outpatient care as he is expected to recover fully. Jay Leno is lucky to be alive and to have returned to doing what he loves. Leno is Mr. Longevity. I don’t see him retiring whatsoever. 

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