Miguel’s Friday Thoughts: Jim Carrey, Steven Stamkos, Vince Vaughn

Comedian Jim Carrey is the biggest reason why I fell in love with movies and particularly the comedy genre. People who know me know how much of an influence Jim Carrey has on me and my life. His films from the 90s can bring a smile to anyone’s face. Recently, I learned that Jim Carrey had battled depression in the past. I’m not too surprised because there was something about Jim that made me feel that he could’ve been depressed before. A lot of comedians have dealt with depression, and many of them use humor as a mask for pain. Although Jim has battled depression for years, he has kept it under control. 

Lightning captain Steven Stamkos reached 1,000 career points in a Lightning win on Thursday night. Stamkos is the 95th player in NHL history to reach the milestone. Stamkos is, without a doubt, a future hall of Famer and is the critical factor in which Tampa became a city of champions and had been competing for many years. He’s a two-time Stanley Cup champion. 

There’s a possibility that we could see a squeal of the classic 2004 comedy film ‘Dodgeball: A True Underdog Story.” According to the Hollywood Reporter, Vince Vaughn pitched the sequel idea to the studio, and they seem to be intrigued by the idea. 

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