Daffy Duck vs. Speedy Gonzales

By Miguel Mike Medina

The Looney Tunes is one of the best and most recognizable animated shows ever. Can we imagine if there were no Looney Tunes? Well, one thing is for sure, no matter how old we get, some classic cartoons will never leave our hearts. This Morning, I decided to watch an episode of Looney Tunes. That’s right. Mr. Miguel Mike Medina watched some Looney Tunes on a Tuesday morning without the cereal. I usually leave that for Saturday mornings, haha. You can’t go wrong to watch an episode or so and the one I saw is called “Daffy Duck vs Speedy Gonzales.” I don’t know if that’s the proper title of the episode, but it’s probably from the 1960s. 

On YouTube, they have this thing called “Looneg Tuesdays.” If bored, I recommend watching Looney Tuesday on the WB Kids YouTube channel. When those two clash, it is a recipe for disaster. Two fascinating characters on the Looney Tunes on a collision course. Daffy Duck is a hit head, often in a bad mood and very edgy. Speedy Gonzales is known as the fastest mouse in Mexico. 

One of the best parts of this episode is when Speedy Gonzales hits Daffy Duck’s foot with a hammer because Daffy Duck was carrying a box that Speedy wanted. Speedy Gonzales finds a way to outsmart Daffy Duck and makes his life a living life. Speedy was sneaky but pesky to Daffy Duck. What makes Daffy Duck’s character so great is his facial expression and how he reacts to specific moments. Another great moment in this episode is when Speedy calls Daffy a “chicken.” Daffy responds that no one calls him a chicken and starts shooting Speedy with a shotgun as Speedy storms away. 

God bless all of the creators who created these iconic characters and bless our childhood by entertaining us through the Looney Tunes. 

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