Will Tom Cruise Ever Win An Oscar?

Tom Cruise is one of the best stars to set foot in Hollywood. His risk-taking in films, performance, and versatility drew fans toward him. He’s been a fan favorite since Risky Business. Cruise has a lot of successful films under his belt. He’s won three Golden Globes (Born on the Fourth of July, Jerry Maguire, Magnolia), but he hasn’t won an Oscar yet. Will Tom Cruise ever win an Oscar?

Tom Cruise is one of the highest-grossing box office stars of all time. He has delivered so many impressive performances. Cruise is known for many films like Top Gun, Born on the Fourth of July, Rain Man, A Few Good Men, Interview with the Vampire, Jerry McGuire, Collateral, Minority Report, etc. He’s been consistent and dominant for years. 

Tom Cruise should’ve won an Oscar for his performance in Magnolia. He won a Golden Globe but not an Oscar. No disrespect to Michael Caine. He’s one of the greatest actors of all time. He did a great job in The Cider House Rules, but Best Supporting Actor should’ve gone to Cruise. 1999 is one of the best years in Cinema: Magnolia, Fight Club, The Matrix, The Mummy; the list goes on and on. If you saw Tom Cruise in Paul Thomas Anderson’s Magnolia, you saw how special he was in that pictures. There’s one scene where he took his performance through the stratosphere. The scene with him and his dying father solidified the movie. When you think about one memorable scene in Magnolia, you think about Tom Cruise visiting his father, whom he didn’t have the most significant relationship with. 

Cruise should’ve been nominated for his performance in Rain Man. It’s ridiculous that he didn’t get nominated. Cruise and Dustin Hoffmann were two-person shows in that film. Hoffman won Best Actor for his role. Cruise should’ve been nominated for Supporting Actor.

We hope that before Tom Cruise leaves this earth, he can win an Oscar. He deserves it. It doesn’t matter what you think about him and Scientology, but his track record speaks for itself. 

Miguel’s Friday Thoughts: James Gunn, Melissa McCarthy, New Rated-R Comedy Film

James Gunn will be writing a new Superman film that will focus on his young days. The star of the Superman film, Henry Cahill, will not be returning to reprise his role. The news will anger many Superman fans because they gravitate toward Henry as many people love seeing him portray Clark Kent/Superman. Supposedly their meeting went solid, and they do have plans to work on future projects together. But it’s still bittersweet and left a bitter taste in many people’s mouths because of this upsetting news and changes to the franchise. 

Melissa McCarthy will be starring in an untitled Christmas movie written by Richard Curtis. I like Melissa. She’s a likable and entertaining actor. The film is set in New York and will be streaming on Peacock. Could this be a potential future Christmas classic or a failed experiment? The ball is in the Director’s court, and his name is Sam Boyd, as well as Richard Curtis, who is no stranger to writing Christmas projects. 

Director and writer Peter Farrelly and Zac Efron will reunite once again. They previously collaborated on the film, The Greatest Beer Run Ever. Now, Farrelly and Efron will join forces with John Cena for a Rated-R comedy movie called “Ricky Stanicky.” I will never forget Peter, alongside his brother, for creating my favorite comedy movie of all time, Dumb and Dumber

Zoe Saldana Deserves an Emmy Nomination

Zoe Saldana deserves to be nominated for Best Actress in a Limited Series for ‘From Scratch.’ The limited series is on Netflix with eight breathtaking and heart-wrenching episodes. Saldana delivered an outstanding performance in this series. 

The story is about Amahle “Amy” Wheeler, an American student studying in Italy, who meets and falls in love with Lino, a Sicilian chef. When Lino faces health issues, and the couple’s future is threatened, the two families come together. It’s always intriguing that she learned to speak Italian to play this role. 

Episodes seven and eight were the episodes that convinced me that she was worthy of a nomination. I’m not sure about winning the category just yet because I have to see the other performances, but a vital consideration for a nomination. It would suck if she didn’t get nominated. If you haven’t seen the new limited series, I highly recommend watching it. No spoiler alert is coming from me. You would have to see this series and Saldana’s performance for yourself. 

Tyler Perry’s Amazon Deal, Cocaine Bear Movie, Jay Leno’s Comeback

Tyler Perry doesn’t stop working. I admire the man’s hustle and determination. I’m not crazy about the movies and shows he produces, but he doesn’t wait for anyone to give him the green light. It’s a great day to be Tyler Perry. He is getting into business with Amazon, setting up a four-movie deal. Perry will write, direct and produce four features released on Prime Video.

Cocaine Bear is a new film set to release on February 2023. It’s Elizabeth Banks’ third directing movie. The story is based on actual events about a drug runner whose plane crashes with a load of cocaine that’s found by a black bear who eats it. The film stars Keri Russell and O’Shea Jackson Jr, and it’s the last film of Ray Liotta before he passed away. 

Jay Leno is back to doing standup comedy. It’s a remarkable comeback after suffering burns when a fire broke out in his Burbank garage.

Leno got discharged from the hospital about a week ago. He underwent surgery for burns on his face, chest, and hands and continues to receive outpatient care as he is expected to recover fully. Jay Leno is lucky to be alive and to have returned to doing what he loves. Leno is Mr. Longevity. I don’t see him retiring whatsoever. 

Disney’s Thanksgiving Weekend Nightmare

When you go woke up, you go broke! Disney has been a massive disappointment in the entertainment industry. The kind of projects they’re producing can make anyone unwoke, scratch their head, and roll their eyes.

Disney Animation’s Strange World bombed with a five-day opening of $18.6 million. That’s the worst opening for a Disney Animation Thanksgiving title. Strange World opened just days after Bob Iger’s return as CEO of the Walt Disney Company. The action-adventure film is about a legendary family of explorers, the Clades, as they attempt to navigate an uncharted, treacherous land alongside a motley crew that includes a mischievous blob, a three-legged dog, and a slew of ravenous creatures. 

I haven’t seen the movie, and I probably won’t because I’m sick and tired of woke politics. Supposedly, it’s Disney’s worst kid’s animated movie yet, which tells us something about Disney’s direction in the future, and I doubt Bob can raise Disney from the dead. 

A lot of these companies need to tap out. Going woke won’t go anywhere but the toilet.

The Story Behind Spielberg’s ‘The Fabelmans’

Filmmaker Steven Spielberg has a new movie out in theaters, The Fabelmans. He describes his experience as a kid wanting to become a filmmaker and his relationship with his parents. It is a movie we have been waiting for 45 years from Steven Spielberg. We thought we knew Steven Spielberg, but we’re going to get to know him well with this latest film. We will see his vulnerable side telling this story. 

Spielberg has directed films in the past that were science fiction, historical drama, etc. But this film is entirely different and unique. There’s a high chance it will be a movie that will make a strong case for Academy Award nominations. 

Spielberg was the oldest of four children. His father, Arnold, portrayed by actor Paul Dano, was an engineer. Spielberg’s father didn’t believe in Steven’s passion for film. He thought it was a pipe dream and mission impossible to break through. His mother, on the other hand, was supportive of her son, and it gave him a lot of motivation to pursue his dreams. Steven’s mother, Leah, portrayed by actress Michelle Williams, was a gifted pianist. During an interview with CBS, Steven spoke highly of Michelle Williams. After each take, Michelle would approach Steven and ask him if she could do anything else to make the performance better. Steven liked that about Michelle. Also, Michelle expressed how grateful she was to portray this role, and it’s probably one of her favorite roles she’s ever done in her career thus far. 

Paul Dano and Michelle Williams are two talented actors who I believe will get some nominations. Michelle Williams is due for an Oscar. She has come a long way from her days in Dawson’s Creek

As for Steven Spielberg, he knew he couldn’t tell this story while his parents were alive because he didn’t want to disappoint them or have any issues. His parents are deceased now, which opened the gates for Steven to tell this story. Steven and his family had to move from New Jersey to Arizona to California because of Arnold’s career. These decisions had to make Leah put her dreams and goals on hold to help raise the kids at home. 

I’m looking forward to seeing The Fabelmans online. The trailer looks good. The cast is solid and directed by the legend Steven Spielberg, who also wears the producer hat in this film. 

Entertainment Wednesday

The members of BTS will be fulfilling their duty and performing mandatory military service in South Korea. The group is unable to perform with all seven members until 2025. These entertainers seem to me genuinely patriotic. Putting everything aside to serve and fulfill their country is something Koreans should be very proud of and respect for making this decision. When they return as a group, they will return with a high level of maturity and growth as humans. 

Actor and rapper Kaalan Walker has been sentenced to 50 years to life in prison for his conviction of raping aspiring models he met online. He was arrested in 2018 and charged with a series of assaults dating back to 2016 involving four women and three teenage girls. Walker, whose rapper is KR, played a gang member in the 2018 remake of the movie Superfly. When we hear news like this one, it makes my head scratch and shakes my head. Knowing what’s good and what’s wrong is very important. Don’t do the crime if you can’t do time. Walker will spend the rest of his life thinking about his terrible decisions and what could’ve been a way better life he could’ve chosen had he done the right thing. We all make mistakes, but some errors are way worse than others, and this one is an evil look on him. 

“East New York” is one of the newest drama series, premiering on Sunday night on CBS. The title is catchy. Also, veteran actor Jimmy Smits is on the show. Therefore, we must take a chance at the front. Smits is no stranger to playing cop roles. He was part of hit series such as NYPD Blue. East New York follows the recently promoted police captain of East New York, Regina Haywood, who leads a diverse group of officers and detectives, some of whom are hesitant to deploy her creative methods. Episode four is set to premiere next Sunday at 9 pm. 

Joe Pesci, Vanessa Bryant, NFL Kickoff Commercial, Matt Araiza Allegations

Happy Friday everyone! There’s a lot to discuss that’s been happening this week in Sports, Movies and Music. So let’s get to it.

In return to acting — and television — Oscar winner Joe Pesci will star opposite Pete Davidson and Edie Falco in Bupkis, Peacock’s upcoming half-hour live-action comedy that tells a heightened, fictionalized version of Davidson‘s life. Pesci will be playing Davidson’s grandfather and Falco as his mother. 

Rappers Lil Wayne and Pusha T starred in a commercial kicking off the upcoming NFL season that surfaced online. The Young Money boss is wearing an Aaron Rodgers Green Bay Packers jersey and holding a t-shirt gun, while Pusha T is wearing a Tom Brady Tampa Bay Buccaneers jersey and riles the crowd up on a microphone.

Uncompromising news if you’re a Buffalo Bills fan or part of the organization. Matt Araiza, the Buffalo Bills punter who came to prominence in college football as the “Punt God” last season, has been accused of participating in the gang rape of a 17-year-old girl in a civil lawsuit. 

The lawsuit alleges that Araiza, then an All-American at San Diego State, had sex with the minor outside his off-campus house. At the same time, she was intoxicated at a party in October, then brought inside a room where multiple men repeatedly raped her.

Vanessa Bryant has plans to donate the money to the Mamba & Mambacita Sports Foundation, the nonprofit named in her husband and daughter Gianna’s memory. 

The foundation, established by Kobe in 2016 and renamed after the crash in 2020, is dedicated to providing funding and sports programming to underserved athletes.

A jury awarded the $16 million to Bryant and an additional $15 million to Chris Chester, whose wife Sarah and daughter Payton also died in the crash, on Wednesday, ending a legal battle that had been in the works for two years.