LSU Must Vacate Wins

By Miguel Mike Medina

The NCAA Independent Accountability Resolution Panel has dropped the hammer on LSU Football. LSU will have to vacate all the wins they accumulated from 2012 through 2015. 

Photo Credit to: Crescent City Sports Staff

As a person who has been watching sports for 24 years, It never made sense to me that you are making teams vacate their wins and championships. I don’t think you gain anything from it because the games were already played. The only person I see this affecting is LSU head coach Les Miles. The current LSU football players shouldn’t suffer for something that happened a decade ago. I’m saying this just in case if NCAA wants to take things into deeper measures.

Photo Credit to: The Atlanta Journal-Constitution

With that being said, coach Les Miles will probably not make it to the College Football Hall of Fame and won’t be eligible. In those four years, the Tigers will have to erase 37 wins including two bowl games. Mike’s’ head coaching winning record will drop from 145 wins to wins. 

Is Hockeytown in… Seattle?

by Avry Jones

Seattle, Washington, has been a great sports town for several years. Before the Supersonics left Seattle to become the Oklahoma City Thunder, Gary Payton electrified crowds for 13 years. The Seattle Seahawks brought a Super Bowl Championship and numerous winning seasons in the mid-2010s, led by Coach Pete Carroll, Russell Wilson, and the Legion of “Boom.” The Seattle Mariners joined the American League of Major League Baseball in 1977. The Mariners best years involved a young man named Ken Griffey, Jr. and a Japanese import named Ichiro Suzuki. But currently, the wave of sports fever that has enveloped Seattle grew in 2021 with the newest expansion hockey team, the Kraken. Seattle was the first U.S. city in 1919 to win the Stanley Cup under the nickname the Metropolitans (NHL, 2023).

The start of Seattle Hockeytown’s dream began in March 2018 when early season ticket deposit exceeded the minimum requirements in 12 minutes and crushing all previous expansion team records (NHL, 2023). Over the next two years, the new Seattle hockey ownership group conducted focus groups, naming sessions, and confidential internal reviews to finalize the name of the NHL’s newest franchise. On July 23, 2020, CEO Tod Leiweke announced the team’s name at the Climate Pledge Arena to the men and women building it at the time. The Seattle Kraken was released to the world and immediately embraced by Seattle (NHL, 2023).A logo on the water

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Credit: NHL

In 2021, the Seattle Kraken hired Dave Hakstol as their inaugural head coach, and their team’s first captain was Mark Giordano. Their first regular season game was on October 12, 2021, against the last NHL expansion team, the Vegas Golden Knights. However, the Kraken lost 4-3, but Ryan Donato scored the team’s first goal (NHL, 2023). The Kraken’s first win was in their second regular season game on October 14 when they defeated the Nashville Predators 4-3. The Seattle Kraken first their inaugural season in last place in the Pacific Division with a record of 27-49-6 and 60 points (NHL, 2023). Although the Vegas Golden Knights broke the mold of what an expansion team should be, the first season for the Seattle Kraken could be considered a great success due to the fan base of the packed Climate Pledge Arena, where the Kraken play their home games. The fan base of the Seattle Kraken is what has fueled the excitement for hockey in Seattle.A picture containing graphics, font, symbol, logo

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Credit: NHL

In 2022, the Kraken finished their second season on a very high note. The Kraken clinched their first playoff berth in the Western Conference with a record of 46-28-8 (ESPN, 2023). During their first playoff series, the Kraken won and defeated the defending 2021 Stanley Cup Champions, the Colorado Avalanche, in the opening round in seven games. AlthoughA picture containing screenshot, art

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Credit: NHL

the magic did not continue in the second round with a seven games loss to the Dallas Stars; pride continued to flow through the Seattle Kraken organization. A person in a suit and tie

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Credit: NHL (Dave Hakstol, Head Coach Seattle Kraken)

The Jack Adams Award is recognized for being the NHL Coach of the Year, and Dave Hakstol was voted as one of the three finalists. This should be no surprise considering Kraken’s vast turn-around from their first to their second season under his leadership (NHL, 2023).

The Seattle Kraken has a unique outlook on the ice, and the organization continues to innovate throughout the NHL. Everett Fitzhugh serves as the team’s primary radio play-by-play announcer. Fitzhugh had previously play-by-play experience with the ECHL’s Cincinnati Cyclones. Fitzhugh is the first full-time play-by-play announcer of African-American heritage in NHL history (ESPN, 2023). Fitzhugh grew up a massive hockey fan in Detroit, Michigan (Hockeytown, USA to many), which inspired him throughout his childhood (NHL, 2023).

Credit: NHL (Everett Fitzhugh pictured on the right)A couple of men wearing headsets and looking at a computer

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Moreover, during this writing, the inaugural Coachella Valley Firebirds, the Seattle Kraken AHL affiliate team, went to the Calder Cup Finals but lost in Game 7 (NHL, 2023).Hockey players on ice

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Credit: NHL (Coachella Valley Firebird Captain Max McCormick)

Moreover, the General Manager of the Seattle Kraken Stanley Cup Champion, Ron Francis, signed a 4-year extension to helm the leadership of the Seattle Kraken until the 2026-2027 season.A person in a grey jacket

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Credit: NHL (Ron Francis, GM Seattle Kraken)

The goals of the Seattle Kraken are abundant, and many NHL teams are looking to the Kraken’s winning formula to see how their teams can succeed. Overall, success starts within the group, however small, and grows with each small victory as those become more significant and outstanding achievements. Afterward, the fanbase continues to support the team, and the team organization should listen to the fans to help their organization grow for the team’s and city’s growth.A collage of a crowd of people

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Credit: NHL

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Kevin Costner, A24’s ‘Priscilla’ Teaser

By Miguel Mike Medina

Kevin Costner’s marriage story continues to get messy. Christine, Costner’s estranged wife, is not happy. She’s not happy with the way things were handled about their kids finding out about their split. Christine is taking deeper measures by requesting $248k a month in child support. First, Kevin Costner leaves the hit show ‘Yellowstone’ and now he’s dealing with this nightmare. Are marriages worth any more? Why does it have to come down to money, especially from Rich public figures? 

Money is not everything. It’s important but it doesn’t bring you happiness. Things are getting out of hand in this Costner family. We hope they can come to an understanding at some point because there are kids involved. 

A24 just released the first teaser for Sofia Coppola’s ‘Priscilla’ film.

It is based on Priscilla Presley’s 1985 memoir ‘Elvis and Me.” The movie is set to be released on October 2023. This is Sofia’s first directed and written project since her 2020 comedy-drama film, On the Rocks, which is on Apple TV+. 

Miguel’s Top Christian Music to Listen in 2023

By Miguel Mike Medina

Christian music brings a lot of joy and heals the soul. What would life be without Christian and Worship music? I’m so glad that I began listening to Christian music since last Summer, when I became more of a spiritual person.

In this video that’s on “The MMM Journal,” I mention several Christian songs to listen for 2023. Hit the link to see the FULL video:

Subway Series Recap

By Miguel Mike Medina

The two-game Subway Series is over. Yankees won the first game. The Mets won the second game. This Subway Series felt like a playoff atmosphere. Aaron Judge and Pete Alonso were not in the lineup due to them being in the injury list.

I collaborated with a passionate Mets fan twice this week to talk about the Subway Series. His name is Anthony Rivera. He’s the creator and host of ‘Subway to Shea’ Podcast.

Listen and watch the Subway Series recap video with special guest Anthony Rivera on our YouTube channel. The video premieres at 7pm.

FIITG Affliate Marketing: Gear Up With Stars And Stripes

By Miguel Mike Medina

Check out this link by FIITG. I’m an Affiliate marketer for this company. I’ve purchased some of their products and I love it.





Marcus Semien, Elly De La Cruz Debut, Arraez .401

By Miguel Mike Medina

Marcus Semien is red-hot at the plate. He has a 24-game hitting streak which is the fifth-longest hitting streak in Texas Rangers history. Semien is posting a .333 batting average with 20 RBIs during his hitting streak. 

Miami Marlins Luis Arraez has reached his batting average of .401. I’m becoming more of a fan of him day by day. The Marlins have no idea how lucky they are to have a player of his caliber on their team. Arraez is giving me Ted Williams vibes on the plate. I hope he can continue this fantastic feat. 

Aaron Judge’s durability issues have come alive once again. The Yankees placed Judge on the injury list due to a sprain and contusion in his right big toe. 

Elly De La Cruz made his debut for the Cincinnati Reds. He’s one of the most anticipated top prospects in baseball. He made his presence known when he collected his first big league hit with a double against the Los Angeles Dodgers. We’re expecting a lot of great things from this young man. He looks confident out there. 

Top 5 Biggest Surprises in Major League Baseball… so Far

By Avry Jones

Top 5 Biggest Surprises in Major League Baseball… so Far

Baseball has always delivered surprises, whether in the regular or postseason. However, sometimes the best surprises occur before the All-Star break, which can excite not only the fans of their respective baseball team but baseball fans and the baseball community. Two months into the baseball season, Major League Baseball has given us a few surprises from teams, making analysts second guess themselves: “Well, I didn’t see that coming.” Trying to find just five of the biggest surprises of the early baseball season thus far can be tricky; however, looking over the past two months to see what has excited fans and disappointed fans has become a highlight of the baseball season thus far. Overall, if the first two months can give us these five surprises, what can the last five months of the seasons give us?

Number 5 – Texas Rangers are leading the AL West, and the Houston Astros are not

At the time of this article, the Texas Rangers are leading the American League West by 3.5 games. The defending World Series Champions ended the month of April barely over .500 with a record of 15-13 (ESPN, 2023). But the Texas Rangers at the end of April with a record of 17-11, which got the ball rolling for leading the AL West. Generally, starting the season strong should end with a strong finish; however, collapses and breakdowns sometimes occur after the All-Star break, which can give other teams the run, they need to win divisions and make a move to get into the playoffs. Although the season is still new, let us see what the Texas Rangers can accomplish after overhauling their roster. Also, watch out for the Seattle Mariners, as what was in the water for the Seahawks and Kraken may work for the Mariners, and I look for them to be a sleeper team again, like in the 2022 postseason.

Number 4 – The AL East is looking to be the AL BEAST, also the Tampa Bay Rays

The Eastern Division of some sports has become the dominant division. Look to the NFC East in the National Football League when all the teams in the division are playing their best and not only fighting each other to make the playoffs but clinch the division title. Currently, ALL five teams in the American League East have above .500 records and over .500 at home. A potential AL Rookie of the Year candidate is left fielder Masataka Yoshida, who plays for the Boston Red Sox(ESPN, 2023). Furthermore, let’s talk about the Tampa Bay Rays. The Tampa Bay Rays started the season 13-0 before a loss to Toronto (wink, wink). However, the start of the Rays season has them currently leading the East, but like all professional sports teams, let’s see how they finish the season (see Boston Bruins and Milwaukee Bucks).

Credit: ESPN

Number 3 – Atlanta Braves, leading the NL East… again

This number may not seem surprising, but the Atlanta Braves leading the National League East is a surprise. Usually, the Braves will lead the East for a few days during the beginning of the season, then make a considerable run right after the All-Star break. Currently, the Atlanta Braves are ten games above .500 and lead the division by 4.5 games; however, their Away record is better than their Home record, not by a little but by a lot (ESPN, 2023). The Braves’ record is only second in the National League behind the Los Angeles Dodgers (again), but not by much. Overall, the National League looks to be a fascinating race this early in the season, with the Mets, Marlins, Brewers, Pirates, and Diamondbacks (What?!) to make moves in their respective divisions as the season progresses.

Credit: ESPN

Number 2 – Liam Hendriks from the Chicago White Sox is back in the majors

When athletes are injured, you hope they have a speedy recovery and that their careers will continue after their recovery. However, when an athlete is diagnosed with an illness, that can be especially heartbreaking. Liam Hendriks was diagnosed with cancer in December 2022 with non-Hodgkin lymphoma, a type of blood cancer. Non-Hodgkin is a treatable type of cancer; however, Hendriks had it from his neck to his ankles, Stage 4. For someone who lost a grandmother and a mother to cancer, my heart always goes to people who battle this disease, especially family, as it also affects them. All tests, doctor visits, and more tests can take their toll. However, Liam Hendriks was going to fight, and fight he did. After he announced his diagnosis, well wishes poured in from my baseball fans and teammates to everyday people who may have heard about it. Hendricks wanted to come back to baseball, and he made sure to mark the date; make it back in May. On May 29, 2023, Liam Hendriks returned to Major League Baseball to the roaring crowd of Southside Chicago faithful. Hendriks announced he was cancer-free in March and could not wait to return to the Majors. The fight against cancer can be daunting for those with the disease and those within their support network. However, when the battle is won, we should support those wins to show every survivor they are a champion.

Number 1 – New York Mets Pitching (What even is this?!)

During the offseason, there can be much to be excited about when free agents and teams make signings and trade moves. One of these moves was the signing of Justin Verlander after winning a World Series with the Astros. Although with Max Scherzer, the Mets look to have a starting pitching rotation to rival the Braves of the 1990s. However, when this article was written, neither Scherzer nor Verlander were the leaders of the Mets. The leader of the Mets is Kodai Senga, with 70 Ks, a 3.44 ERA, and five wins (ESPN, 2023). Max Scherzer has a record of 4-2, 39 Ks, and 3.54 ERA; Justin Verlander has a 2-2, 22 Ks, and 4.80 ERA (ESPN, 2023). Baseball analysts and writers were crowning the New York Mets with a division crown and postseason berth with this dynamic duo, but Scherzer and Verlander could be better as of now. Of course, the season is still early, but expectations are high for the Mets pitchers, especially with Scherzer and Verlander leading the way. However, can the Mets strike gold with this duo, or will another set of pitchers lead the Mets to the postseason?

Honorable Mentions

1. The AL Central…it’s not bad but not good; it’s just ok.

2. The NL Central is a tight race with the Milwaukee Brewers and… the Pittsburgh Pirates!

3. Don’t sleep on Seattle this year, or you might get beat.

4. The Philadelphia Phillies are just ok, and Trea Turner is also just ok.

5. Baltimore Orioles… that’s it. That’s the post!

As a baseball fan, there are many times baseball has given us many surprises. Usually, those surprises can happen in the postseason. However, baseball can provide us with many surprises early in the season, making us more excited as the season continues. Moreover, shocks give us the unexcepted, making enjoying the game more memorable.

*** All data analytics and statistics were from ESPN ( ***