Dutty Rock: The Reggae/Dancehall Classic

Dutty Rock is Sean Paul’s second studio album released in 2002. It’s my favorite Sean Paul album. In my opinion, Dutty Rock is a classic reggae/dancehall album.

As an 11-year old kid, $20 felt like $100. I remember it was a Saturday. I told my parents that I want to buy a CD. It was rare coming from me because I had never asked my parents for money to buy an album, until that moment. I got the $20. My sister Jessica went downstairs with me to this place called “Loco Loco” on 179th Street and Saint Nicholas Avenue. I bought the Dutty Rock album. Dutty Rock was the first of many CDs that I went on to buy. God, I miss those days.

This album had so many good songs. The first one I’m going to talk about is “Gimme The Light.”

“Gimme The Light” brings back so many memories. It reminds me of my mom’s surprise birthday party—the summer of 2002. In my mom’s party, which took place in our home, my sisters (Jessica and Melissa), Jessica’s friend, Billy, and I were dancing to this song. We had so much fun that night. Sean Paul knew how to make party songs.

“Get Busy,” is another great party song. I love the music video. One of the best parts of the video is when this little kid comes from upstairs, and joins the party. He gets on the dance floor and starts busting some moves until someone grabbed him and told him to go back upstairs. Also, in the video, a grown man stops playing dominoes because people kept banging on the walls. He had warned them the first time. At the end of the video, people were banging on the wall again. The man goes back to the party and ends the party for good. He tells everyone to get the hell out of his house. “Get Busy” topped Billboard Hot 100 for three weeks.

Dutty Rock had other great singles such as “Like Glue,” “I’m Still In Love With You,” and an underrated song called “Punkie.” He collaborated with Beyonce in “Baby Boy.”

“Baby Boy” became one of the biggest hits of 2003. In that same year, Sean Paul joined forces with Blu Cantrell in the remixed version of “Breathe.” It’s not in the Dutty Rock album, but it’s worth the mention. Outside of the United States, “Breathe,” became a hit in Europe. Great collaboration, excellent remix song with an outstanding production.

The Dutty Rock album helped develop the genre of dancehall pop. It’s one of my favorite albums of the early 2000s.



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