Women Director and Writer: Meet Kimberly B. Flores – “Infestation”

Kimberly B. Flores is the owner and CEO of Twist to The Story Productions. She started her career right after graduating from the City College of New York in 2017 with a BA in Theater by working on several short films. During this time, Kimberly also worked on her own project, the horror anthology “Happenings.” Although she is one of the leading Writers and Directors, she also worked as an Editor, Cinematographer, Boom Operator, and Actor. Through the pandemic, she continued to learn and grow as a filmmaker and created Twist to The Story Productions.

“Infestation” is currently streaming on YouTube under the Twist to The Story Productions YouTube channel.

Director, Kimberly B. Flores

The MMM Journal: What was the inspiration to make Infestation?

Kimberly: At the time, the Covid-19 Pandemic had just reached a year for us. Things were still crazy, and we hadn’t filmed since the pandemic started. I took the pandemic as the main inspiration but didn’t want “Covid” to be the focus. So instead of a “virus,” I changed it to “bacteria,” that way, the focus was more on the character’s mental health and what she was going through. 

The MMM Journal: How was the writing process for this movie?

Kimberly: I had the idea set in my mind and had spoken with my team about it. They were all interested in being a part of it, and I wrote the short as we were setting a date for filming. Since the idea was already solid in my mind, writing it out came naturally. 

The MMM Journal: Did you face any challenges directing or producing Infestation?

Kimberly: Producing and Directing the film with my team backing me up came pretty easy. The only thing that was an issue was that filming took longer than expected and ran past the time that was set. But my team agreed to stay and finish filming. 

The MMM Journal: Are we going to see a Part 2 or a future feature film?

Kimberly: Since this film is only meant to be a micro-short, unfortunately, there will be no part 2 or a feature.

The MMM Journal: As the owner of Twist to the Story Productions, describe your relationship with your team members who participated in this movie. 

Kimberly: I’m blessed with such a talented and skilled team. I trust them to help me bring my vision to life, and they always do a fantastic job as they did with “Infestation.” We always have fun while working, so I know I can count on them every time we work.

“Infestation” Official Trailer

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