Sunday Sports Shorts

Freddie Freeman, who had just helped the Atlanta Braves capture a World Series title in 2021 for the first time since 1995, might not be going back to the only team he has ever known in his 12-year big-league career. The New York Mets could be one of those teams to make an exciting offer to Freeman. Supposedly, Freeman is asking for a 6-year contract, but the Braves are offering him five years. Freeman is almost like the perfect player that any team would love to have. Outstanding leadership, great personality, and a terrific ballplayer. 

Brooklyn Nets’ Ben Simmons is dealing with back soreness in his reconditioning process. There is still no timetable set for Simmons to make his debut with the Nets, but the good news for Brooklyn is that Simmons’ back issue doesn’t seem to be especially serious. We hope to see Simmons back by Mar. 10 against the Philadelphia Sixers. 

In the Associated Press poll, seven of the top 10 college basketball teams were defeated Saturday, including No. 4 Purdue. It was the first time that many top 10 programs fell on the same day, including every team in the top six. The last time six top-10 programs lost in the same day was back on Feb. 4, 2017, which had happened five times in college basketball history before Saturday. 

Here’s a look at every top-10 team that suffered a loss Saturday: 

  • No. 1 Gonzaga lost to No. 23 St. Mary’s, 67-57.
  • No. 2 Arizona lost to Colorado, 79-63.
  • No. 3 Auburn lost to No. 17 Tennessee, 67-62.
  • No. 4 Purdue lost to Michigan State, 68-65.
  • No. 5 Kansas lost to No. 10 Baylor, 80-70.
  • No. 6 Kentucky lost to No. 18 Arkansas, 75-73.
  • No. 9 Texas Tech lost to TCU, 69-66.

The Toronto Maple Leafs took on the Detroit Red Wings in one of the worst collective goal-tending displays in a hockey game, but at the same time, one of the exciting periods in a hockey game. A game where both teams combined for 17 goals. You read correctly. 17 GOALS COMBINED! After the first two intermissions, the Leafs were up 7-2. The Red Wings made it a little more interesting in the third intermission, but it wasn’t enough. Red Wings scored five goals in the period, while the Leafs tacked three more. Maple Leafs would win the game, 10-7. 

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