Matthew Perry, Michael Fassbender’s Upcoming Film

By Miguel Mike Medina

It is very shocking and saddening to learn about the passing of actor Matthew Perry. He will forever be remembered for his performance in the hit show Friends. Perry struggled in his personal life for many years but his comedic performance is something that I will always remember about him the most. It’s going to be weird to see Friends reunions knowing that Matthew Perry made his journey to heaven. 

Perry was 54 years old. The cast of Friends and his family members must be going through a very difficult time. For all of us who are fans of Friends, it stings to see one of the cast members pass away. 

Two-time Oscar nominee Michael Fassbender will be starring in the upcoming music comedy film, Kneecap, which is about the Irish hip-hop group who have the same name. I never heard of the group but it caught my attention. Fassbender is a terrific actor. I like his work in 12 Years A Slave and Steve Jobs. If it weren’t for Leonardo DiCaprio’s performance in The Revenant, I believe Fassbender would’ve won an Oscar for Steve Jobs. I’m looking forward to seeing Fassbender in this film. It’s been a while I haven’t heard from him. 

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