A24’s ‘The Iron Claw’

By Miguel Mike Medina

A24, my favorite independent film company, has released a new trailer for the movie, The Iron Claw. It’s based on a true story. Directed by Sean Durkin. The cast is solid starting with Zac Efron, Jeremy Allen White, Harris Dickinson, etc. The movie follows the triumph and tragedy of an American sports dynasty. It is set to hit the theaters on December 22nd. 

Jeremy Allen White is one talented actor. I’ve been following his work since Shameless. He has more momentum now after winning awards for his leading role performance in Hulu’s ‘The Bear.’ White could become the most successful actor out of the Shameless cast. He’s only like 32 or 33 years old. So we shall see. But I like his work as an actor and I wish him many more success. I’m looking forward to seeing this film when it hits online. 

Golden Globe nominee James McAvoy is the latest actor who will get behind the scenes and dip his toes into directing. I’m a fan and support actors who take situations into their own hands and try directing, writing, or producing. McAvoy will make his directorial debut on the rap biopic “Sibilil N Brains.” They’re a Scotland rap group that became infamous for conning the international music industry into thinking they were Californian rappers after faking American accents. I’m sure McAvoy will be reaching out to fellow directors to ask for advice and will be doing his homework very well. I’m rooting for McAvoy to enjoy his first taste in directing actors. 

Jaume Collet-Serra continues to get work. Consistency and dedication are key in Hollywood. Serra will be reuniting with actress Emily Blunt, whom I’m a fan of. Serra will be directing Amazon’s detective film “Kate Warne.” Emily Blunt will be serving as the producer for this project. Dwayne The Rock Johnson is also part of the producing team. Serra, Blunt, and Johnson all worked together in Disney’s’ Jungle Cruise. 

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